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  • SUPPORT BRAIN HEALTH: Aid in stimulating the formation of new brain cells and the growth of neurons and nerves.
  • IMPROVE MOOD, MEMORY, & FOCUS: Help enhance overall cognition and provide a sense of well-being by promoting healthy stress levels.
  • BOOST IMMUNITY: Reduce the risk of harmful pathogens causing illness by supporting the immune system with powerful antioxidants.
  • REDUCE INFLAMMATION: Natural antioxidant properties create an anti-inflammatory effect that can combat negative properties from oxidative stress and help improve brain health.
  • CONVENIENT ONCE-A-DAY DOSAGE: Only one serving is needed per day which provides you with a full 4-month supply of organic Lion’s Mane.


    Having been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years, this powerful mushroom has some incredibly powerful health and cognitive benefits. Agari has sourced the highest quality Lion’s Mane mushrooms (also known as Hericium Erinaceus) to provide brain and immunity-boosting abilities thanks to its natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Lion’s Mane is backed by science and the research and has shown these mushrooms to be extremely useful. One such benefit is providing a natural nootropic effect which can enhance cognition, memory, and focus while also helping better manage stress levels. Additionally, Lion’s Mane mushrooms are extremely neuroprotective to the point where they can help support the growth of brain cells and neurons (neurogenesis) as well as strengthening existing ones.

    Agari Lion’s Mane also contains helpful antioxidants that seeking out and eliminate free radicals and oxidative stress before they can do harm to the brain and body. These mushrooms also have powerful anti-inflammatory effects that help provide the brain with more oxygen by improving blood flow. An increased oxygen level to the brain can yield greater mental and cognitive performance.

    Along the same lines as free radicals are pathogens that can cause illness. Supplementing with a quality Lion’s Mane supplement can boost the immune system to help ward off harmful bacteria and viruses.


    Agari Lion’s Mane is perfect for those who are traveling, playing sports, putting in long hours at the office, or anyone who wants to improve brain health and maximize their mental performance.

    Studies have shown Lion’s Mane contains a nerve growth factor (NGF) that helps stimulate the growth of new brain cells and neurons while strengthening existing to support optimal brain health.

    Help stay mentally sharp and productive all day long by mitigating brain fog and increasing your mood, focus, clarity, cognition, and memory through the use of Agari Lion’s Mane.

    Natural antioxidant properties help fight free radicals and oxidative stress to help boost the immune system, decrease the negative effects of inflammation, and fight off unwanted and foreign pathogens in the body.