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  • IMPROVE BRAIN HEALTH & PERFORMANCE: Maximize cell to cell communication and neuroprotective properties.
  • SUPPORT BRAIN CELL & NEURON GROWTH: Aid in growing new brain cells and nerves while protecting and improving existing.
  • ENHANCE MEMORY & LEARNING: Take what you’ve learned and help better retain and recall that information.
  • INCREASE CONCENTRATION & FOCUS: Help stay mentally sharp, get dialed in, and become laser-focused.
  • ELEVATE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Support your athletic abilities by boosting power output, improving recovery time, and reducing fatigue.


    When you think of the word “AWAKE” what do you think about? For us, it came down to the feeling of total mind and body control where all senses are functioning optimally, and your mind and body are energized and primed to work. Agari Awake is an all-encompassing formula based on just that.

    A look at the profile and you will notice many patented ingredients, all of which are backed by extensive research to prove their efficacy such as AlphaSize®NeuroFactor, and SerinAid®. On top of those ingredients, you will find other complimentary and compounding ingredients such as the very popular Lion's Mane, L-Tyrosine, Maca Root, Yerba Mate, and Huperzine A. Moreover, AstraGin is added to the formula to help increase absorption and uptake of the ingredients so you can maximize your results.

    The precise list of ingredients found in Agari Awake can help provide you with neuroprotective properties, improvements in brain health and mental functioning, memory, concentration, focus, cellular communication, brain cell and neuron growth, the reduction of cortisol levels and stress, and the added benefit of boosting athletic performance where you may notice a reduction in fatigue, less muscle soreness, and improvements in recovery time.


    Agari Awake is perfect for those living a holistic lifestyle and are looking for a mental and physical boost in performance while in the office during the workday, sitting in a classroom learning, in the gym pushing your body to the limits, or on the playing field battling for a win.

    Maximize the power of the mind by supporting an increase in memory, focus, cognition, concentration, learning, retention, and higher thinking while also providing neuroprotective properties.

    Take your physical and mental performance to the next level by helping increase muscular output, increase HGH levels, enhance agility and reaction time, reduce mental fatigue, and decrease recovery time.

    Increase the absorption rate and uptake of the ingredients found in Agari Awake to supply your mind and body with efficacious dosages so you can achieve maximum results.